From 1973 – 2005, each fall whether it be in September or October, you could find on the college football schedule a game that meant something to two neighboring states and two loyal fan bases.  But much like many things in this world, it went away with conference shifting and has been played just one […]

You remember the fall of 1980?  Ronald Reagan was on his way to an historic beat-down of President Carter in the election, the Iran Hostage Crisis was into its second year and most of us saw this concept called cable television for the first time.  Who can forget the set top box with the dial […]

In the late 1800s in the Western part of the United States lived a guy named John Henry Holliday, better knows as Doc.  He was a friend of Wyatt Earp and had a very strange career path.  He started as a dentist in Atlanta, and would up a professional gambler and gunfighter.  He once saved […]

Blue Ridge District 2018 Champion – Lord Botetourt (First District Title since 1984) What’s new – William Byrd drops from Class 4 to Class 3 with new coach Brad Lutz; Franklin County, a Class 6 school leaves the Piedmont for the Blue Ridge 2018 Standings: Lord Botetourt                 […]

With apologies for borrowing ESPN’s dopey slogan for its College Football Playoff coverage, it does seem that since the advent of the four-team playoff, everything is geared toward that with little regard for the fact that winning a conference championship has always been and will always be a big deal.  Likewise, it misses the point […]

There’s a joke that some West Virginians use when they call Virginia the “mother ship.”  True enough the State of West Virginia was formed out of the State of Virginia when West Virginia refused to leave the union during the Civil War and fight on the side of the confederacy.  That put the Hatfields on […]

News hit this morning of the passing of former Virginia Football Coach George Welsh.    Welsh died peacefully at his home in Charlottesville at the age of 85.  If anyone is being honest or paying attention there is no question that there is no Virginia Football without George Welsh. Welsh wasn’t the first coach in […]

At some point today the inevitable that has been stirring for about 5 years is finally going to happen.  West Virginia Football Coach Dana Holgorsen will sign a lucrative contract to be the new head football coach at the University of Houston and West Virginia’s Athletic Director Shane Lyons will be on the clock for […]

Of all the things that Virginia Tech’s Athletic Department does, the one thing I will never understand is the obsession with playing East Carolina in Football.  It’s never made any sense and frankly won’t ever make any sense. First, let’s be clear, I don’t like East Carolina.  This dates back to my days at WVVA […]

Tomorrow is the first ever meeting between Tennessee and West Virginia.  It is not however the first ever meeting between Tennessee and West Virginia quarterback Will Grier.  In fact, most Tennessee fans would probably just as soon never see Will Grier again because he’s the author of one of the most painful moments in recent […]