Month: November 2015

The College Football Season goes way too quickly.  Other than a handful of holdover Regular Season Games, and Conference Championship games next weekend, this is it for most of the country’s 120 plus FBS teams.  Thus we are closer to what I call our long national sports nightmare which begins just after the NCAA Tournament […]

We all think of Thanksgiving as time for Football and yes, it does hold a special place for the Holiday.  But, Thanksgiving has become increasingly known for College Basketball.  Once upon a time there were only about two Thanksgiving Week tournaments, the Maui Invitational and the Great Alaska Shootout.  Both tournaments still exist, but the […]

The Southeastern Conference loves to portray itself as the best College Football conference in the nation.  They trumpet the 8 straight BCS championships that the conference won, the multi-gazillion dollar television contract with CBS, and ESPN bending over to create the SEC Network which frankly I’ve yet to understand.  Who the hell wants to watch […]

College Basketball season tipped off on Friday night and it will be mostly non-stop between now and the first Monday night in April when the NCAA Championship game is played in Houston, Texas, which is exactly what hoops junkies wait all year to see College basketball is a great game that suffers from some internal […]

Before I go into this Week’s College Football, let’s give a big welcome back to College Basketball.  Friday is the opening night of the 2015 – 2016 season and I’ll have more on College Basketball next week.  It’s going to more challenging to talk about as there is a lot more of it.  There are […]

The natural inclination for a lead-in to this week’s College Football picks is to give my opinion on who might be the new Virginia Tech Football Coach.  There are enough people doing that and I have no real insight into the situation to begin win.  Just suffice to say that I will be shocked if […]

I have to admit that as much as I have written about Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer and his future at the school, the announcement on Sunday that Coach Beamer is retiring after 29 seasons at the end of this year still hits me as hard to believe. In 1992, his 6th team had just […]