Month: January 2017

In the history of the NCAA Basketball Tournament (which remains in my opinion the year’s greatest sporting event), only 5 schools have never heard their name called on Selection Sunday.  Virginia’s William and Mary, Army, St. Francis of Pennsylvania, The Citadel, and Northwestern. Northwestern is the only Power 5 school on that dubious list, but […]

We are in the midst of Winter, although you couldn’t tell it where I live.  The temperature has been in the 70s for about a week and a half and the grass is actually getting green in places.  Hey, give me an excuse to get out the John Deere. While we will likely pay the […]

Sports is big business.  I can hear you now, we’ll duh, tell us more genius.  Most owners of major sports franchises are billionaires and they didn’t get to be billionaires without finding a way to get others to pay most of their expenses whether that’s in the form of ticket prices, concessions, or in-stadium advertising. […]

About Midnight on Monday, what started in the heat of August will be over and we will officially be without college football for 9 long months.  It’s Championship weekend for College Football’s top two Divisions headlined by the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday Night in Tampa.  It’s a rematch of last year’s game, […]