Month: December 2015

The Second Edition of the College Football Playoff gets underway today with two semi-final games matching Oklahoma and Clemson in the Orange Bowl and Michigan State and Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.  Technically it’s the Goodyear Cotton Bowl because nothing says Cotton quite like tires. When the idea of the College Football Playoff was hatched, […]

I’m just going to say it at the risk of offending someone.  Soccer Moms are killing sports in this Country.  You know the type.  They drive mini-vans and can only take their kids to Chick-Fil-A.  They are also the ones that insist that their kids get trophies for just showing up.  Youth sports play a […]

The College Football Regular Season comes to an end this Saturday with the final game, the 116th meeting between Army and Navy in Philadelphia.  I heard someone this week call it the greatest rivalry in all of sports.  First, I’m not sure how you would even quantify what the greatest rivalry is, and if the […]

With all due respect to the Army-Navy game next Saturday (and it does deserve our respect), the College Football Regular Season ends this weekend.  And if you love College Football like I do, then you need to remember the year 1992.  That’s long before I-phones, I-pads, tablets and smartphones.  Yes, that’s back in the day […]