Month: November 2016

For most of the nation’s 128 FBS teams, this is the final weekend of the Regular Season.  There are still some Big-12 regular season games next weekend (like Oklahoma and Oklahoma State for the Big-12 title) as well as a handful of games in the SunBelt Conference, but with conference championship games scheduled in the […]

Chances are pretty strong that unless you keep up with College Football closely or have lived in East Tennessee, you’ve never heard the name Ken Sparks.  Rest assured, the close knit coaching fraternity of College Football knows who he is This week after 37 seasons 338 wins against just 99 losses and two ties, Sparks […]

Before we move into football this weekend, let’s do two things.  First, the most important and thank all of those who have served in the military on this Veterans Day.  It cannot be understated how much of debt of gratitude we owe this country’s brave men and women who volunteer to protect this Country’s safety […]

Before I move into what is on my mind this week, I wanted to say that no matter what happens the rest of the year in sports through the NCAA Basketball Tournament in March, it is going to be hard for anything to top the World Series, and in particular Game 7 between the Indians […]