Month: August 2016

Now entering its fourth season, the American Conference continues to establish itself as the best of the so-called “Group of Five” Conferences.  American Commissioner Mike Aresco is adamant in his belief that his conference can (like the old Big East version that played football) become the Sixth Power Conference. To do that, the American is […]

You’ve probably heard the famous story of the Trojan Horse.  As the story goes, during the Trojan War, the Greeks were looking for a way to end the war which had been dragging on for years.  So the Greeks constructed a large wooden horse, put select soldiers inside it and rolled it up to the […]

As much I love football at any level, as I’ve said time and time again, my first love with the Sport was and forever will be High School Football.  ESPN is trying to screw it up but it remains the purest form of competition and is important to the players who play it, the coaches who […]

Believe it or not the College Football Season begins this Friday night with a game in Australia of all places as California meets Hawaii.  It’s a 10 p.m. start on ESPN for those of you fellow junkies although I still will always believe that Friday Nights should be reserved for High Schools, but in this ESPN […]

If you love old school football, then with a few notable zone-read exceptions, the SEC is for you.  If you like watching week-in, week-out fun, then there’s only one choice:  The Big XII.  The Big XII is a dichotomy of sorts.  It combines fun on the field, with a basic undercurrent of dysfunction away from […]

Let’s preface this by saying that I am a fan of children playing youth sports.  It’s good for them socially, they learn how to play as a part of a team (which is going to be an integral part of their entire lives), and it introduces other concepts that will serve them the rest of […]

Well it’s Atlantic Hurricane Season for a couple of more months, but when it comes to the Atlantic Coast Conference, it’s been anything but Hurricane season.  Who would have thought that since joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, the University of Miami (the baddest of the bad in the old Big East Football Conference) has never […]