Month: May 2016

There is nothing more worthless than Spring Football at the College Football Level.  I understand the concept that it’s 15 practices for teams to work on refining old skills and developing new ones.  But, I don’t understand Spring Football games.  They are completely worthless.  Most of the time they aren’t even games, but they are […]

If you love sports and watch sports, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s just a game.  In the big picture of life it doesn’t really matter.  It just seems like it does.  Losing a game sucks and I’ve lost plenty.  There’s no question about that, but if losing a game is all you ever […]

As much temptation as  there is for me to say that the sports season is over after the NCAA Basketball Tournament and for the most part it is because I’m not big into NASCAR and don’t really watch the NBA Playoffs on a consistent basis, but the month of May is bookended by two of […]