Month: October 2015

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I like numbers and off the wall stupid, useless information that absolutely no one cares about.  So, in that vein, this week I took a look at the NCAA Official FBS football statistics.  I did so because the first college football playoff rankings come out […]

We’ve all heard the old saying that when things are not going well to just hang in there and it will get better.  Perhaps no one symbolizes that more than Mike Aresco.  Rewind to 2012, and Aresco is going about his business as the Executive Vice President for programming at CBS Sports in New York.  […]

The blog almost had to take a bye week as some important day job issues got in the way this week. In addition I’m getting the call from the bullpen this weekend to babysit my two nephews (who aren’t babies) so my sister and brother in law can enjoy a well deserved Saturday night out […]

When I was a student at Virginia Tech there was a guy who sat next to me in a couple of classes who was one of the best people I’d ever been around.  He was just a good old “country boy” (and I use that term in the most complimentary fashion) from Giles County, Virginia.  […]

Let’s preface this by saying that Frank Beamer is responsible for the ascendancy of Virginia Tech football.  Before he arrived on campus (and certainly before he got it rolling in 1993), football at Virginia Tech consisted of a nationally irrelevant program that thrived on under-scheduling, including consistent meetings with Richmond and VMI among others and […]

And no I’m not talking about the trophies that kids are giving just for showing up and playing.  Most of the conferences in the country have sporadically started conference play, but it really starts to get going this weekend as the Big Ten plays nothing but conference games the rest of the year.  And no […]