Month: March 2016

We hear it every year at this time.   The NCAA Tournament Committee doesn’t know what they are doing.  The most vocal critics are former coaches who whine and moan that there must be “basketball” people on the committee in order for the best teams to get into the field.  It’s a tired old argument pushed by […]

After the First Four largely bored us for two nights, the main bracket begins today with 16 first round games.  There are 16 more tomorrow and the beauty of this tournament is that between Noon Thursday and 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, the field will go from 64 to just 16.  It’s generally thought this weekend, […]

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know that I am not a big fan of the way ESPN does a lot of things.  I hate the way they make it about themselves most of the time.  In addition, Sports Center when it started in 1979 the most innovative thing in television sports.  Now […]

After some mid-major to low major madness (and there’s still more to come), it’s time for the Big Boys of College Basketball to slug it out in their respective Conference Tournaments.  A large percentage of these teams have already clinched spots in the NCAA Tournament when the field is announced on Sunday evening.  So, that […]

With all due respect to you Christmas fanatics, the fact is for College Basketball Fanatics, this is the Most Wonderful time of the year.  From today until April 4th, it’s Christmas for me and many others.  Yes, I love College Football, but there is NOTHING better than tournament basketball and the three weeks of the […]