Month: August 2015

I was going to launch into my thoughts about the Southeastern Conference today, but frankly in light of what happened his morning in my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia and at one of my former places of employment, WDBJ Television, it’s just not appropriate.  We can get back to fun and games later, but today is […]

When the College Football season kicks off next week, Florida State will be going for its fourth straight ACC Championship.  In 23 years in the Conference, the Seminoles have won 15 championships.  Add in National Championships in 1999 and 2013, it’s clear who is the most dominant team in the league.  And they should be, […]

This is my first attempt at joining the “blogging world”.  As I am really nothing more than a frustrated sports talk show host and writer, I’ll use this as my outlet. I’ll start by telling you what I do not intend this space to be.  It’s not a discussion of politics and religion because those matters should […]