Month: April 2016

There are certain seasons in the sports world: Football Season, Basketball Season and Baseball Season as examples, although with the specialization that younger athletes now undertake earlier in life their respective sports seasons never really stop. This week begins “Draft Season”.  Between this weekend and the end of June, all 4 major sports football, baseball, […]

We are at or near the end of College Basketball’s Silly Season for coaches anyway.  Transfers and those testing the NBA waters still have some time to find a soft landing spot or return to school, but honestly most Division I coaches have no clue what their roster is going to look like next year […]

In 1969, there were a couple of large events that changed the world forever.  The most important was the landing of a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth fulfilling President Kennedy’s command of a nearly a decade earlier.  I always said the year I turned 38 that it was going […]

With the first weekend in April here, you can feel it in the air.  The Azaleas are in bloom, and the distinctive music is playing and hailing the call to the one golf tournament that every player wants to win…yes, it’s the Masters. I’m going to tell you that I’m not much of a golf fan. […]

Championship night in College Basketball from 1996 stands as a historic place in the history of the sport.  On that night, Kentucky defeated Syracuse to give Coach Rick Pitino his first National Championship as a head coach (he’d win one with Louisville in 2013) and Kentucky, one of College Basketball’s bluebloods it’s first championship since 1978. […]