Month: September 2015

We are one month into the College Football season and last night was a perfect illustration of why College Football is and always will be better than the NFL.  Memphis and Cincinnati appeared to be nothing more than a non-descript Thursday night game from the American Conference that harkened back to the days of Metro […]

I love College Basketball and the NCAA Tournament is the best three weeks of the year, but there’s something special about College Football Season.  By January 1st, most College Basketball teams will have played almost 12 games before diving into their conference seasons.  College Football on the other hand provides just 12 guaranteed opportunities for […]

Week two of the College Football Season actually began last night with something I’ve never seen before.  Fox Sports 1 broadcast the Louisiana Tech-Western Kentucky game by using announcers that were in a studio in Los Angeles with an on-site sideline reporter.  I’ve never seen any network do that on football.  Now it’s happened on […]

My “day job” has got in the way of posting this week, but hopefully I can get back on track. Just listening to the call-in shows this week reminding me of that children’s story about Chicken Little who just knew the sky was falling.  That’s the thought process with about 1/2 of the fan bases […]

A couple of things are fairly obvious from opening night.  Stay away from large point spreads and Vanderbilt is back to being Vanderbilt.  I guess it’s time to declare Colorado as god-awful since they were a seven and  a half point favorite at Hawaii and lost by 8.  Oops.  Just one of a many I […]

The long summer is finally over and real live college football is back.  There are a lot of games this weekend some that are more interesting than others, some with ridiculous point spreads and some where Las Vegas has no interest in even putting up odds.  Somehow I don’t think a Thursday night battle in […]

So with out any further fanfare, here are my thoughts on the rest of the “Power Five” College Football conferences as well as the American Conference, which I personally believe is the best of the other “Group of Five.”  In fact, outside of Boise State, there isn’t another “Group of Five” team that can challenge […]