Month: December 2017

I admit it.  I’m a sucker for a good story. And, there’s a pretty good one going down in Division II College Football, which is a level of football that goes unnoticed most of the year. This year’s Division II National Championship Game is Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri.  For a change one of the traditional […]

You may have heard that Tennessee needs a new Head Football Coach.  You may have heard that they are having a hard time finding one.  You may have heard that the school recently underwent the equivalent of a “bloodless coup” and, borrowing a line from Mel Brooks History of the World, “It’s Good to be the King.” The […]

This weekend, that dopey College Football playoff committee will select its four teams for the creatively named “College Football Playoff.”  The debate rages on who should be in the Final 4 and why.  If you’ve turned on the television this week, it’s been a close call as the most prevalent story of the week…Does Alabama […]