Month: August 2019

In the late 1800s in the Western part of the United States lived a guy named John Henry Holliday, better knows as Doc.  He was a friend of Wyatt Earp and had a very strange career path.  He started as a dentist in Atlanta, and would up a professional gambler and gunfighter.  He once saved […]

Blue Ridge District 2018 Champion – Lord Botetourt (First District Title since 1984) What’s new – William Byrd drops from Class 4 to Class 3 with new coach Brad Lutz; Franklin County, a Class 6 school leaves the Piedmont for the Blue Ridge 2018 Standings: Lord Botetourt                 […]

With apologies for borrowing ESPN’s dopey slogan for its College Football Playoff coverage, it does seem that since the advent of the four-team playoff, everything is geared toward that with little regard for the fact that winning a conference championship has always been and will always be a big deal.  Likewise, it misses the point […]