Month: December 2016

The third version of the College Football playoff takes over New Years Eve again this year.  Next year, the semi-finals will actually be played on New Years Day as the Rose Bowl hosts one of the two semi-final games.  This year’s version matches top seed Alabama and 4th seed Washington in the first game in […]

If you’ve paid any attention this week, then you’ve no doubt heard the story that Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey and LSU’s Leonard Fournette have decided that they won’t participate in their respective teams upcoming bowl games.  Just yesterday, Baylor Running Back Shock Linwood announced he also would not play in his team’s bowl game. In the […]

One of the first things you learn at any Journalism school, even what was at the time a pretty poor one like I attended, is that most things make news because they are unusual.  Of course, defining unusual is difficult at times because what is normal?  Everyone is odd in their own way. This week […]

There is one final regular season College Football game this weekend, the annual Army-Navy game in Baltimore.  I’m not going to spend much time on it because it doesn’t require much time.  It’s a great atmosphere, but it hasn’t been a great game in a while.  Army has been mostly dreadful for the last decade […]

It’s Championship Weekend in College Football for most Conferences.  There are only 16 games this weekend, and 8 of those are “official” Conference Championship Games.  In reality however there are 9 championship games as the Big 12 got lucky and the regular season finale matching Oklahoma and Oklahoma State is actually for the conference championship […]