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  It’s a sure sign that Summer is quickly coming to an end.  NFL Training Camps are open, and tomorrow in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it’s the opening day of High School Football practice.  Opening day has lost a bit of its luster over the years as football is now a year-round sport, but it […]

Welcome to the most nothing month of the year on the sports calendar, the forgettable month of July.  The only thing July really brings is that when NFL Training Camps open at the end of the month we are all set for the return of American tackle football and that’s a good thing. But generally […]

First of all, let’s be honest here.  I am not a Soccer fan, but I can admit that the FIFA World Cup grabs my interest and I do watch.  The FIFA video game is pretty darn cool actually. I’m also not a Soccer Head so I couldn’t care less about who ultimately wins and I really couldn’t care less about […]

You may have heard that just after the Super Bowl next year, a new football league is starting called the “Alliance of American Football.”  The league will own all the teams and I presume come up with the team names.  You can expect those names to likely be a tribute to their geographical roots. But, when […]

Child Psychologists will tell you that there is absolutely such a thing as the “Middle Child Syndrome.”  That’s the malady befalling middle children who feel excluded as the oldest child tends to get all the privileges, while the baby of the family gets just about anything he or she wants.   I have no idea if […]

Can you name the longest running affiliation between a single network and a sporting event?  If you guessed the Masters and its annual hand-shake deal with CBS Sports, you’d be right. The marriage between the green jackets and CBS began in 1956. The Network and Augusta National have never had a long-term contract for the television rights to the event.  […]

At some point in the next few weeks and maybe even this week, the United States Supreme Court is going to strike down as unconstitutional one of the most ignorant pieces of legislation Congress ever passed, and they’ve had some doozies.  This legislation is the by-product of some ivory tower, self-righteous thinking that has long […]

For many reasons, I count myself lucky to have grown up in Roanoke, Virginia.  First of all, it’s a beautiful little City surrounded by mountains.  The crime rate was pretty low compared to other cities its size and you were accessible by car to almost all parts of the state in less than 4 hours.    […]

Tennessee is a bit of an usual state for a variety of reasons.   First, it is the state whose borders touch the borders of the largest number of other states.  Tennessee borders Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri.  It was decidedly a Southern state during the Civil War, and judging by the number of […]

Among the things that make this Country great is that everyone gets a second chance.  Let’s be honest, there isn’t a person in this world that didn’t screw something up at some point in life.  Now, some of the screw ups are greater than others Some are truly life changing and others are just an […]