Off We Go….

This is my first attempt at joining the “blogging world”.  As I am really nothing more than a frustrated sports talk show host and writer, I’ll use this as my outlet.

I’ll start by telling you what I do not intend this space to be.  It’s not a discussion of politics and religion because those matters should never be discussed with anyone and frankly I just don’t care.  I’m also not likely to show you what I’ve had for dinner or recently cooked because I can’t cook that much, and what the hell do you care what I’ve had for dinner?  What the hell does anyone care what someone else has had for dinner?  Facebook abounds with pictures of people who get some degree of satisfaction with showing the world how well they can cook.  Great for you, but that cheeseburger I just had from Five Guys looks a lot more appealing than your Salmon casserole.

This will mostly be about sports along with how it’s broadcast (ESPN will be a favorite target), and the “clown show” that is local television news these days.  There may be some other things included from time to time as my two nephews are worth a thousand stories on their own, and there’s going to be more than a fair amount of reliving the “good old days” because that’s just what you do when you get older and your life is sort of just a routine you go through each day.

I’ll start by telling you about the name of the site.  It’s actually a tribute to my friend and former WDBJ Weekend Sports Anchor Roy Stanley who died in 2002 at the age of 51.  Roy liked to say “we got to do something” thus the name of this site.  Everyone who ever had the pleasure of knowing Roy knows that your life is better because you knew him.  I’m convinced the man never had a bad day.  Simply put he got it.  His job wasn’t his life, it was his job.  That’s a hard concept for some of us to grasp, but an important one that younger people would do well to learn early in life.

The picture or pictures on this page will change from time to time, but I started by posting a picture of the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas.  Of all the football stadiums I’ve been to, this one was my favorite.  It’s a relic that should have probably met the wrecking ball years ago (you can’t look at it without thinking “this place has to have plumbing problems”) and is in what appears to be a garbage neighborhood in Dallas.  But, you cannot walk around it without soaking in the history and tradition in that stadium from all the actual Cotton Bowl games to the annual October meetings between Oklahoma and Texas during the Texas state fair.  I’m not sure how long Oklahoma and Texas will continue playing there given the “modern star ship” known as Cowboys Stadium over in Arlington, but let’s hope it’s for a long time.  After all the actual Cotton Bowl game is no longer played at the Cotton Bowl, but there is a bowl game at the Cotton Bowl that’s not called the Cotton Bowl.  History and tradition in college football went the way of the dinosaur when all of these conferences started expanding.  The Big 10 has 12 teams and the Big 12 has 10.  The ACC has 14 teams in football season, and 15 in all other sports because nothing says “Atlantic Coast” like Notre Dame.  The Sunbelt Conference has teams in Idaho and New Mexico which makes about as much sense as Radio Shack asking you for your address when all you want to do is buy batteries.  Besides, how has Radio Shack stayed in business this long anyway?  I love West Virginia (the state and the university), but geographically, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to send your men’s basketball team to Fort Worth, Texas to play a game on a Tuesday night.  It’s not about tradition anymore it’s about money and that’s just fine (I like cash also), but sometimes it’s nice for a football junkie to see tradition first hand and that’s why I decided to post this picture.

This space is just my opinion.  I invite your opinions as well. I don’t know everything and frankly I’m not trying to know everything because there’s just too much of it.  So with that off we go….

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