What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is a going on here

“What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is a Going on Here?”  That’s a great line from the Classic 1974 movie Blazing Saddles, which by the way you could never make in this day and age for a variety of reasons.

Well you cannot help but wonder what’s going on in the College Football World. Specifically, what the hell is wrong with the SEC?  Last week reports surfaced that LSU was going to fire Les Miles. The same Les Miles who candidly makes some decisions that leave you wondering sometimes, but also the same Les Miles with a National Championship and a roster stocked full of talent in a talent rich state.  Instead of quelling the rumors Athletic Director Joe Aleva took the route that he’d evaluate the program and the coaches after the season. That was code for this guy is out of here after Saturday.  Meanwhile, Miles was telling boosters that he enjoyed being their coach and would miss them. The SEC Network takes the air assuming that they are airing Miles last game at LSU against Texas A&M.

At the end of the game, his players ride him off the field on their shoulders, no doubt working under the assumption that he’s not going to be their coach come Sunday morning.  So what happens?  Aleva announces after the game that he’s done an evaluation and Miles will remain the head coach.  Seems fishy?  Well that’s because it is.  On Sunday, the report surfaced that in fact the President of LSU made the decision during the third quarter of Saturday night’s game that Miles would remain the head coach.  That’s the President, not the athletic director.  Obviously, the A.D.  and the President aren’t on the same page and now you have a scenario where Miles is the single most powerful person on campus and doesn’t have to worry about his A-D, whose had his manhood cut-off in front of everyone.  As they say “This ain’t no way to run a rodeo.”  Aleva’s days at LSU must be numbered.  I have no idea how he’s to run a department when his President has rendered him powerless to make his own decisions?  Should he have fired Les Miles?  Of course not.  In one respect the President did stop his A.D. from doing something exceptionally stupid, but on the other hand the President might as well take over daily operations of the Athletic Department because his A.D. has lost all credibility.

As ignorant as LSU appears nothing tops Georgia.  They fired a coach on Sunday whose been the head coach for 15 years and does nothing but win 9 games a year.  And for what purpose?  To hire Kirby Smart, an alum and defensive coordinator from Alabama whose success is directly tied to Nick Saban.  Let’s hope if you jettison a coach whose been successful, you know that you can get a better coach and not some low-rent Defensive Coordinator whose never done a thing in his life other than ride Saban’s coat tails.  If that’s the reason to fire Mark Richt then the Athletic Director at Georgia is a bigger idiot than the one at LSU.  So what if South Carolina is interested in Smart?  Let them have him.  I’m assuming this was driven by some big money boosters who decided they wanted someone else as their coach. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for because you might get it.  Georgia has the coolest mascot in College Football in its long established line of “UGA” Bulldogs, but even ole UGA must have woke up this morning wondering just what’s going on in Athens.

My guess is that Mark Richt lands on his feet somewhere and my guess is that he’ll face his old school at some point and probably beat them.  As the other old saying goes “Karma is a bitch” and apparently there are some schools in the SEC that just don’t get it.


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